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Limited Lifetime Warranty

First of all, thank you for buying CRONY brand fishing tackle products. In order to ensure the quality of after-sales service, our company make the following commitment:


Warranty period: one year from our departure date which will be subject to exportation customs declaration invoice date. During warranty period, CRONY fishing tackle products on the market appear not user man-made causes problems, CRONY will provide spare parts replacement services for free through our agents or distributors,excluding transport fee outside China.

If the quality problem causes customer complaint, CRONY will cooperate with agents or distributors to handle properly, compensation for consumers will be paid by CRONY.





2.CRONY fishing tackle products, following circumstances do not belong to scope of warranty:

1).Exceed one year warranty limitation.
2).Non-standard maintenance’s damage.
3). When using, the damage caused by the beyond performance of the products.
4).Obvious operation errors, especially wrong operation, such as fall down or impact.
5). Not by CRONY company ,in the arranged or happened in the process of transportation damage.
6). Not by Crony company, in the inappropriate storage conditions occurred damage;.
7).Installation, commissioning, maintenance, modification, and disassembly, etc., by the third party, not CRONY and our agents or distributors.
8). Not caused by material or process reasons of damage.
9).Product changed by usage frequency, especially its surface and appearance, etc. and it doesn’t influence products’ function.
10).Don’t impact normal use, only about body feelings such as sound, light vibration, and shaking, etc.
11). Can't provide the valid receipt to proof purchase sources for Crony products.
12). due to force majeure such as natural disaster and fire, etc., or a third party’s fault (such as theft, etc.) caused by the damage or the loss.




CRONY company reserves our rights to modify part or all of above terms without announcement in advance.

3.Within one year, If consumers damage the CRONY fishing tackle products, they could take their purchase receipt and go to the wholesaler’s place to purchase same item of the fishing tackle products with 60% retail price. For these after-sales products damaged by consumers, after wholesalers give CRONY the damage evidences, CRONY will give wholesalers the same item products with 30% CRONY suggested retail price.

4.CRONY company ensure when buyers use CRONY brand products, no relevant intellectual property infringement and stop using the accused product damage from the third party.


This after-sales guarantee certificate in two copies of the same form, one copy to be held by each Party. It comes into effect after being signed by both Parties and either Party is not allowed to modify its contents. This after-sales guarantee certificate is made in both English and Chinese, in case of any discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

To make a valid claim under this warranty, please return the Product to an authorized CRONY dealer, preferably the dealer it was purchased from, together with the original, dated invoice or receipt. Your dealer will handle your warranty claim.
If, having inspected the Product, CRONY accepts that the CRONY Product is defective, CRONY will (in its sole discretion) either repair or replace the Product without charge.

The warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable to subsequent owners. It shall remain in force only as long as you retain ownership of the Product.
This warranty is governed by and construed under the laws of the country or state in which the CRONY Product was purchased. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and those rights may vary from country to country, or state to state. Ask your dealer for details of any warranty terms that apply specifically to the country where you purchased your Product.
This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.
CRONY reserves the right to revise this limited warranty without notice.