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Cross (for competition)
The Cross series includes 9 different models designed for professional competition, supporting all methods of lure fishing and providing the best fishing experience for anglers.
The rod is equipped with imported titanium ring, which improves the strength and heat dissipation by leaps and bounds. The high modulus carbon fiber with scientific proportion of raw materials ensures the strength and lightness of the whole rod. The four-axis carbon fabric structure combined with a 45-degree inverse filament not only improves the texture, but also ensures the strength of the rod.
CROS2 681L is designed for the small lure fishing such as small hard lure, lead, WACKY and do on. The FAST action ensure the necessary sensitivity and control, enabling you to catch a fish in one breath.
CROS2 691ML achieves the ultra-high sensitivity in the control. It can respond quickly to even the smallest bite and easily capture the prey.
The CROS2 681M can easily cope with the long distance bite and the complex environment of running water, which is suitable for most soft lures and some fish-type hare lure .
CROS2 681ML features ultra-high perceptual speed and precise casting, whose body is light and sensitive, suitable for small and medium-sized soft lure.
CROS2 691M is able to distinguish whether the bait is touched or attacked in complex underwater environment, delivering feedback to the anglers as quickly as possible.
The CROS2 681MH can easily meet the high requirements for the perceptual performance of soft  lure in rapids and deep water. Its strong blank can pierces the fish quickly.
The CROS2 691MH is compatible with medium-sized hard lure and some soft lure for different water layer. The rod can avoid obstacles through manipulation to improve the efficiency of fishing.
CROS2 701M, uses high density UD GLASS and carbon fiber to achieve high elasticity of the rod blank.
CROS2 721H enables efficient fishing that launch an attack in an obstacle zone. With a perfect combination of lightness, sensitivity and intensity, even some big lure can be easily manipulated.

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