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Master Collection Series

Master Collection Series

MASTER COLLECTION SERIES (for standard fishing/long-range casting/precise fishing)
Since its launch, the Master Collection Series has been loved by domestic lure lovers; because of its outstanding quality, it has been selected as a national gift to many heads of state for many times.
This series adopts Fuji's new K style frame with SIC magnetic ring guides. Scientific distribution is more conducive to the load-carrying capability of the whole rod. The transparent paint visually demonstrates the carbon fabric texture of the rod. The reel seat made of natural wood material endows each rod with uniqueness.
1、Standard rod
It can easily deal with all kinds of fishing needs, even the need for long-range casting. The lightweight rod blank and fast action design allow for more precise operation. Its strength and moderation makes it both powerful and delicate.
2、Long-range casting rod
It is specially designed for the long-range casting mode. The rod blank is lightweight with good balance, strength and high sensitivity, which can easily defusing the impact of the giant,also easy to capture the moment while detecting the bait nibbling underwater.
3、 Precise fishing rod
This is a solid tip rod with ultra-fast action, which can detect the bait nibbling and water changing intelligence. The micro ring guides system enables the more vivid operation with soft lure and small lure.


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