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Further Glory

Further Glory

FURTHER GLORY SERIES (long-range casting)
This series marks CRONY's pursuit of excellence in product quality, designed for long-range casting that gets popular in recent years, and the fishes requiring long-range casting.
Upon the continuous exploration and research of our team and professional anglers, the new products realizes the overall upgrade of the rod structure on the basis of the previous generations, which facilitate smooth operations such as long-range casting and lure control, showing more outstanding comprehensive strength.
The rod blank largely adopts Kavlar fiber from the military industry as the main material. This material  features high strength, high abrasion resistance and high tear resistance, which increases rod length by 15% and reduces weight by more than 13% compared with the previous generations. The product fully supports ultra-long-range casting while ensuring conductivity and fine control. The whole rod is equipped with Fuji A ring guides with K/KH style frame and some premium components including Fuji ECS reel seat for casting rod, and Fuji VSS reel seat for spinning rod, which can match most brands of fishing reel in the market.


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