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2020 Berkley Bassmaster China Tournament

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2020 Berkley Bassmaster China Tournament

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On May 16, 2020,  the famous Berkley Bassmaster China Tournament was held in international lure fishing base Thousand-island lake, which was completed and come to use on April 27. As waters rich in fishery resources, this lake is considered Mecca of anglers.



There were 81 competitors attending in this competition. Finally player Mr. Liu Mingchao and  Mr. Zhang Feng took the first place with 5.5kgs fish, followed by Mr. Wang Zhenglei with 5.45kgs and Crony signing angler Wu Xinmao with 4.6kgs.


All competitors chose Crony Cross as competiton rod, which made a new breakthrough again. After its first launch, this rod was well-received and recognised by  lure lovers. The lastest model was designed and developed by Crony design team and 6 competitive anglers at home and abroad including Mr. Marco, Mr. Samuele Ferroni, Mr. Alesio Telese, Mr. Enric and China's Mr. Wu Xinmao and Mr. Liu Guoqing. After two year's field tests by American Tackle in America and Mr. Wu Xinmao and Mr. Liu Guoqing in China, the rod was finalized through 4 times' wholly samplings and 13 times' micro-adjustments. Finally 9 models were completed.


Cross series, as professional competition rods, delivers the perfect use experience and fulfil the mission of competition. Its stength, sensitity and conductivity are incomparable.